Trops ("Art Drops")

Mobile Application

The Trops Mobile Application presents a new way to experience art, with users able to view, visit, and collect visited Art Drops in an interactive treasure hunt.

Explore the neighborhood to find Art Drops and collect art memories. To use the app, simply visit the venue (in the real world!) and navigate to the artwork within the app. Upon arrival, the app will prompt you to claim your token and an achievement badge, which will appear as a souvenir with the artwork details in your profile.

Getting Started

Sign up
Select your city
Create a profile

How It Works

Navigate to nearby art drops using the universal map. Visit the host venue in person to claim a drop token and art memory.
Visit Curated Art Drops.
Collect a mapped exhibition.
Save the art memory to profile as My Collection
Claim drop token.
Transfer tokens to other users or exchange drop tokens for local gem rewards such as artisanal products and merchandise.
Activate & Redeem a claimed local gem by scanning a QR code of the host venue.

The Vault

Each Art Drop visited = 1 drop token.
Transfer drop tokens to other users by QR scan or username search.
Select user.
Choose amount.
Confirm transfer.
Send drop tokens directly to Artists, as tokens of appreciation.

Local Gems

Drop Tokens can be exchanged for products, tickets, merchandise, souvenirs, and more.
Visit a Local Gem in person.
Browse Catalog Discover makers
Activate or save for later
Redeem claim & confirm
Scan QR Transact with vendor

Art Drops

Visual and performance arts take place as "drops" in physical space.
Using the Universal Map, find a nearby Art Drop.
Before arriving at the venue, the Art Drop detail page only shows the art's title, image, and location.
Upon arrival, navigate to the Venue or Art Drop page. You will be automatically prompted to claim a token. Now, you can view Art Drop details.
Send the artist appreciation with Drop Tokens or a Bravo

Curator's Pick

Curated Culture Maps with featured art drops, exhibitions, and artists shown in purple.
Select the city.
Navigate to the "Curated" page.
Browse highlighted art drops and explore curated mapped exhibitions.