In Defense of Poesy

25 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth

Paris, France

April 14- 21, 2023

At one time the person born to be an Artist was the maudit, accursed. Making a living was hardly guaranteed. Somewhere along the way, a cult of art celebrity was born and suddenly, families encouraged their children to embrace the arts. In this new gold rush climate, it is increasingly rare to find talent devoted to original expression, making art for the sheer joy of creation. The Trops presents ‘In Defense of Poesy’ as a celebration of the human spirit blossoming in the ateliers of Paris.

Photo by Adrian Crispin

Featured Artists

Apadola Nelson, Charlotte Vitaioli, Curtis Kulig, Esmael Bahrani, Gaadjika, Genc Jakupi, Hakim Sahiri, Jay One, Krystofer Kimmel, Mai Lucas, Pharaoh Kakudji, Psyckoze, Roxane Depardieu

Photos by Adrian Crispin


The opening of In defense of Poesy featured several live performances, including a live painting by JonOne.

The opening also featured music by Simon Winse, Patrick Gorce, and Hareth Mhedi, and dance by Malka.

An Interiew with JonOne

In the wake of In Defense of Poesy, The Trops released an interview with JonOne, where he discusses his life, his art, and his performance with The Trops.

abstract painting by JonOne
An Interview with JonOne (Part 1)
"I felt like I was an outcast in the spectacle of this big city, and the only way of escaping was to paint."
An Interview with JonOne (Part 2)
"I try to express that in my canvas; live life to your fullest. So that's what I'm trying to do."
An Interview with JonOne (Part 3)
"Everybody defines their own way of being an artist. There's no set rules, what works for you may not necessarily work for me."