Workshop with Kanami Kusajima

Kanami is interviewed by Amelia A during their artist talk

On March 6th 2024, Trops Foundation presented a Bohemian Wednesday Workshop with Kanami Kusajima in NYC.

Kanami Kusajima is a dancer, choreographer, and performing artist based in New York City. She is well known for consistently performing at Washington Square Park since November 2020, known as "Let Hair Down," combining live painting and improvisational dance. Her unique style of dance has captivated the city and awarded the artist recognition and media attention.

Kanami's performance featured David Kennet and Manami Aoki. The event was a fundraiser for disaster relief on the Noto Peninsula in Japan. After the recent devastiating earthquake, one of the biggest issues is that the Noto Peninsula infrastructure is damaged, and limited, making aid difficult to the area. Since so many roads are closed, many people who survived the earthquake have suffered because of the lack of access to resources and supplies. Funds went to Hokuriku Charity Restaurant, who creates and distributes meals for affected areas.

Moments from the Trops Workshop with Kanami

Compilation of Kanami Kusajima's workshop and artist talk with Amelia A

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