February Cinema Circle

Filmmaker, artist, and "high priestess" Judith Dimitria Fleishman shares a 1984 short film created in her early career as an artist in NYC.

At the Trops' Cinema Circle at ArtxNYC on February 14th.

On this Bohemian Wednesday, taking place on the evening of Valentine's Day, the Trops screened a series of short films at Cinema Circle in collaboration with ArtxNYC.

The screening included short films by Seth Cameron, James Top, Ethan Minsker, Amos Poe, Luigi Cazzaniga, Nemo Librizzi, Nick Farhi, Judith Dimitria Fleishman, Lola Daehler, Isaiah Barr, Rachel Amodeo and Jamie Nares. The evening opened with a musical performance by Adjua Ajamu.

Top left: "OF" by Luigi Cazzaniga

Top right: Performace by Adjua Ajamu

Bottom left: Post-screening Q&A with Jamie Nares

Bottom right: "Big L Street Renaming" by James Top

Thank you to our local vendors ArtxNYC, Monda, So Lah Tea, and Fruhling for their participation, providing products and refreshments for Cinema Circle viewers to enjoy.

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