Jamie Nares

British Artist


Jamie Nares is a multimedia artist known for mapping New York’s changing landscape since her arrival in 1974. Nares has developed a style of painting that utilizes large brushstrokes that appear to float across the canvas. To achieve this floating effect, Nares uses an assortment of custom brushes and invented a machine that would enable her to paint from directly overhead.

Her artistic prowess extends beyond the canvas; Jamie Nares seamlessly intertwines her musical talent with her visual artistry. Her performances on the guitar have not only captivated audiences but also enriched her creative journey. Nares was a member of renowned bands like "James Chance and the Contortions" and the "Del-Byzanteens". The artist has also has notable work in film making and photography.

An Interview with Jamie Nares

Working at the edge of painting, photography, music and film over the course of five decades, Jamie Nares has profoundly explored the relationships between memory, time, movement and thought. Carlota Ortiz Monasterio spoke with Jamie about her childhood, her move to New York City in the 1970s, her multidisciplinary practice, and her generous vision of art and life.

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Social Register 2022

October 2022

1 Oliver St, New York City

Social Register is a survey of artists well-known on the downtown scene. Each one generally confined to the platform of their respective gallery, a pop up show has the unique opportunity to exhibit these leaders side by side, creating a powerful representation of “what’s happening now” on the New York scene.

Social Register installation, featuring work by Nares

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