For everything Art has ever been, it's amazing to see how every season, through the hand of each young visionary, it can be made new again. Particularly when the artist, with the weight of History crashing down, decides to limit themselves to the simplicity of a reserved color pallet or in the exploration of otherwise banal subject matter. With all the tricky techniques made available by successive waves of modernism and post-modernism, boldness relies on the singularity of expressing one’s own unique vision. But to then go at it as if one’s life depended on it, and still come across cool is the story of Nick Farhi and Grear Patterson, both of whom have only just embarked on promising careers. Painting while thinking and feeling. And in a time when social media tempts even the poet to flash cash, and show off clothes, shoes, or any eye-catching flummery, there is pure delight in hanging their paintings in bars, bodegas and old school neighborhood establishments in the first-ever dispersed “constellation” exhibit. As much passion as they put into their artworks, it was also thrilling to install, and watch it come to life on walls not accustomed to hosting high concept visuals. Take a stroll through the streets with The Trops in Fort Greene, and share the cultural experience with a new kind of art scene.

Fort Greene Constellation

Art is distributed across the neighborhood in this community constellation of fine art.

Brooklyn Moon

745 Fulton St

Mo's Bar

80 Lafayette Ave

Ralph's Grocery

89 Lafayette Ave

Fort Greenery

Lafayette & S Portland

Wash & Play Laundromat

81 Lafayette Ave

The Trops Showroom (by appt)

109 S Portland Ave

About the Artists

Works by Grear Patterson & Nick Farhi

Curated by Nemo Librizzi

Grear Patterson (b. 1988, Connecticut) memorializes fleeting moments, activating a strong sense of nostalgia—imagined and remembered—in presenting compelling narratives that lend an immediate sense of familiarity and longing. The artwork process is meant to engage the viewer by acknowledging the increasing universality of our experience, and thus our collective memories. Eventually, we will all have been here before.

Nick Farhi (b. 1987, New York) utilizes installation and still life painting to connect people, places, and things. Through research, histories and relationships to one another are addressed and given a meeting place. Desperate, lush, and seismic shapes are made from confabulated memory and happenstance in the artist’s practice, arriving to a number of cross figural dialogues and polemics reflecting current events.

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