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Art World: Whitehot Magazine

Nora Tofigh From "The Trops" Gallery

David Aaron Greenberg

The Trops is a conceptual alternative to the traditional gallery, an experimental platform for the visual arts.

"The idea is art drops being where real people gather and actually exist. If you're at the laundromat and there's art, you've just connected two very different worlds, but also the same world; humanity."

Ubikwist: No. 15 The Fearless Issue


No. 15: The Fearless Issue

John Blankson

"The Trops gets it. Community art is what makes our relationship special. It puts smiles on our faces, makes us think, compels us to action, and mirrors our surroundings. That connection can sometimes fade when you find yourself in a city that never sleeps. Technology and the fast-paced urban life can cloud the space and time we spend with art. With The Trops, we are reminded and bound with a vision that strongly resonates, inspires, and endures."

New York In November

Ilka Scobie

"Freed from the confines of establishment gallery spaces, The Trops integrates street and stratified culture, creativity and community. From lower east side outdoor exhibition spaces to bringing art to bodegas, laundromats, and galleries in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene, Librizzi and Tofigh are cool and contemporary curators of art that represent New York City’s current moment."