Barron Claiborne

American Photographer


Born and Raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Barron Claiborne is a self taught photographer who began at age 10. In 1989, he moved to New York City and began working alongside prolific photographers such as Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, which heavily influenced his path in printnwork, mostly working in large format. Claiborne has been featured in publications including The New York Times, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone and Esquire to name a few.

An Interview with Barron Claiborne

Nathalie Martin spoke with Barron Claiborne about what informs his practice, the limits and reaches of photography, and the importance of constantly creating. Claiborne reflects on self-taught mastery and how his extremely honest, critical, yet sensitive eye has landed him in permanent collections all over the world, including the Polaroid Museum Cambridge, the Brooklyn Museum, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and MoCADA.

An Interview with Barron Claiborne (Part 1)
An Interview with Barron Claiborne (Part 2)
An Interview With Barron Claiborne (Part 3)

Away With Words


July 2021

Away With Words was a Trops photography exhibition curated by Nemo Librizzi.

Away With Words
Photography Show Featuring: Armando Nin, Kisha Battista, Barron Claiborne, Robin Newland, Fabian Palencia, McDermott & McGough, Ricky Powell, Kate Simon, Tom Jarmusch, Sante D’Orazio, Khalik Allah, T. Eric Monroe, & Michael Avedon