David Aaron Greenberg

American artist


David Aaron Greenberg is an artist who uses multiple modes of expression.

His work has been exhibited in various New York City galleries and is in the permanent collection at Stanford University.

His critical writing has appeared in Parkett, The Fader, Art in America and Whitehot Magazine.

Along with producer David Sisko, he co-founded Disco Pusher, a New York City songwriting and recording duo.

Greenberg graduated from Rutgers University, Phi Beta Kappa. He lives in New Jersey and sometimes New York City.

An Interview with David Aaron Greenberg

In their interview, Alexandra Kosloski and David Aaron Greenberg discuss his memories with his idols and his current endeavors, including his exhibitions with the Trops Eroica Variations and Road Tripping.

"Most artists don't know their art history from anything, but that's probably why I don't know what I am. I'm an artist, a poet, singer, songwriter, visual artist, essayist. I mean, there's so many labels. In the Renaissance they just said, "You're an artist", and you were expected to do all that other stuff. Michelangelo wrote poems, Leonardo made scientific drawings and did dissections and no one said, "Don't do that".

An Interview with David Aaron Greenberg (Part 1)
An Interview with David Aaron Greenberg (Part 2)
An Interview with David Aaron Greenberg (Part 3)

Road Tripping

New Jersey


"People travel all around the world and forget about their own backyard. The beauty in the everyday."

David Aaron Greenberg

"Black Eye" by David Aaron Greenberg at Asbury Park Roastery, Part of Eroica Variations

Trap Poems

A book of art and poetry by David Aaron Greenberg

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Eroica Variations


Summer 2023

The Trops takes pride in standing behind emerging artists, whom you may not have heard of– yet– but you should, and likely soon will. By naming this survey after the Beethoven compositions we are putting forth a bold claim that these voices are heroically breaking through as a force to be reckoned with on the world stage.

Art by David Aaron Greenberg at Eroica Variations