Vahakn Arslanian

Belgian Artist


Vahakn Arslanian by Corbis via Getty Images

Having relocated with his family to New York City as an infant, Vahakn Arslanian is fascinated and inspired by roaring jet engine planes, explosives, luminous light bulbs and flickering candlelight. He has been nearly deaf since birth, his only sense of noise is from that which is thundering to the ears, for him, a glimpse at the vibrational frequency of sound. Along with his fascination with planes comes birds. Where this biomimetic pair have in common, Arslansian mends the two, such as his rough paintings and drawings of plane wings with bird feathers. He takes much of his work and frames them in found objects such as vintage plane windows, often broken and cracked.

Love Is A Gas

Dec 5 - 12, 2023

39 NE 39th St, Miami FL

The Trops presents diverse cultural programming in shows unique to each exhibition space. Integrating interior design, technology, and art in the heart of Miami’s Design District, the exhibition “Love is a Gas” approaches a gallery space where contemporary art meets contemporary interiors and contemporary technology, with a mobile application that let’s visitors “collect” art memories of the works. Curated by art world virtuosos Brittny Gastineau and Nemo Librizzi in collaboration with Surface Magazine, this show presents the intersection of the major forces of a modern art experience.

Vahakn Arslanian, Candle Bird, Oil on Canvas/ Graphite on Paper, 10 ½  X 9 ½  inches, 2003

Eroica Variations

The Trops takes pride in standing behind emerging artists, whom you may not have heard of- yet- but you should, and likely soon will. By naming this survey after the Beethoven compositions we are putting forth a bold claim that these voices are heroically breaking through as a force to be reckoned with on the world stage.

Moments Notice

Growing out of the pavement of New York City, The Trops offers a fresh new alternative to the typical gallery setting. In this dawn of the post-Covid age, artists have emerged from confinement with an abundance of highly-energized new work to share with the world. Moments Notice presents a survey of intimate drawings, from a diverse group of artists at different stages of their creative journey. These often personal, always meaningful, artworks are held together by common themes from dream logic, whimsical forms of caricature, and sketches of an imaginary exotic projected by creative souls under quarantine. These first blossoms are, we hope, the first sparks of a cultural explosion that will return a wounded New York City to the forefront of the international art world.

Vahakn Arslanian, Melting of Heat, 2019-20 

Art Drop featuring King Bird by Vahakn Arslanian at Mindful Matter Market