Yalda 2023

Photo by Adrian Crispin @adrian_crispin (IG)

On December 21st, The Trops celebrated Yalda. The event took place at Manero's of Mulberry, in Little Italy, NYC.

Yalda is an ancient Persian tradition to celebrate the winter solstice. As the longest night of the year, people stay up late with their community, gathering and sharing music, art, and poetry to welcome back the sun.

Photos by Bob Greco

Live performances, poetry and music by:

Adjua Ajamu, Amelia A, Ayna Ivanova, Bako, Daniel Carter, DJ Sadra, Galen Passen, Ilka Scobie, Indya Moore, Martin Shamoonpour, Mehrnam Rastegari and Mehdi Darvishi, Mir Naqibul Islam