Ben Ruhe South Beach Miami

Kill your Idols – Death Acrylic Polymer, Matte Acrylic on Wool pane, 8in x 8in, Gato-Loco (Robo Cat) Acrylic Polymer, Matte Acrylic on Wood panel, 4in x 4in, Welp (Crushed Dreams) Graphite, Ink, Matte Medium. Acrylic Polymer, Matte Acrylic on Canvas, 12in x 12in

Troubadour at Plant Daddy in South Beach Miami, FL

Heavens to Murgatroyd

Benjamin Ruhe

“Ben Ruhe’s paintings strike a sweet spot between harsh reality and storybook fantasy. He seems to journey to another dimension returning with these eerie yet friendly images, snapshots from the ghettos of a cartoon realm that has granted him a visa. Happy yet wise creatures set in a heavenly palette that register a venn diagram overlapping funny and cute with profound and spiritual.”

-Nemo Librizzi

South Beach Constellation

The South Beach Constallation is a map of paintings by artist Benjamin Ruhe, presenting artwork across a neighborhood of real world gathering places.

Ben Ruhe is a visual artist who grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Integrating soulful whimsicality into his mixed media artworks, Ruhe translates inter dimensional beings and textures into his distinct figurative language.

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La Sandwicherie

La Sandwicherie is a French-inspired restaurant, serving sandwiches, juices, and more in South Beach Miami since 1988. 229 14th St

Plant Daddy

Plant Daddy is a plant store that prides itself on rare and everyday plants, sharing their physical roots with the Miami community.

638 Collins Ave

A La Folie Cafe

A La Folie Cafe is a Parisian-inspired cafe serving French cuisine such as crepes, salads and sandwiches.

516 Española Way

Drunken Dragon

Drunken Dragon opened in 2014 as the first Korean barbecue restaurant in South Beach, serving Korean barbecue, tapas and tiki-style drinks.

1424 Alton Rd

Jungle Vibes

Jungle Vibes is a conscious juice bar serving fresh dishes for the mind, body and soul. 

1255 West St

Kill Your Idol

Kill Your Idol is a dive bar that curates art, cultural events and live music.

222 Espanola Way

Shepherd Artisan Coffee

Shepherd Artisan Cafe is a coffee house with artisan coffee and Mediterranean dishes. 

919 Collins Ave

Ted’s Hideaway

Ted’s Hideaway is a speakeasy dive bar sharing a comforting sense of familiarity for people from all walks of life.

124 2nd St

Across The River at Shepherd Artisan Coffee

Rat-Killer at A La Folie Cafe


mobile app

The Mobile Application is a new way to experience art, with users able to view, visit, and collect visited artwork.

Like a treasure hunt, you will be able to explore the neighborhood to find Art Drops and collect your art memories. To use the app, simply visit the venue (in the real world!) and navigate to the artwork within the app.

Upon arrival, the app will prompt you to claim your token as an achievement badge, which will appear as a souvenir in your profile.