Kareem TaylorCatch A Vibe is a pop up dance improvisation session based in NYC. It is a safe space that is curated to explore movement through various prompts that are meant to challenge the minds and bodies of the participants.




Joshua Joseph (@swordofthemornin) – Joshua Joseph is a fashion designer and stylist born in Trinidad, based in New York. Joshua has been creating since he was young, having learned with his father about sewing and working with leather. Now, he is the founder of his clothing line “Rebels to Dons”, and a stylist to many people across the fashion, film, music and sports industries. Joshua is curating “Above Fresh Air”, an experience that looks to encourage and uplift local creators who would like to show their work to the world.

John Taylor (@jtizalive) – John Taylor is a Menswear designer and Art director based inNew York City, he has designed for some of the most acclaimed menswear in the city, such as Thom Browne, Aimeé Leon Dore, and Willy Chavarria. John Taylor will be officially launching his line “Moment Homme” in Fall 2021.


Rebels to Dons (@rebelstodons)

Rebels to Dons is an innovative brand founded in 2012 by Joshua Joseph. Joshua’s label, rooted in the upcycling of garments, looks to encompass the merging of island and city culture through his designs. Elaborations such as cut and sew techniques on sportswear silhouettes make Rebels to Dons stand out as a brand that merges luxury with leisurewear. 

Daily Paper (@dailypaper)

Daily Paper is an Amsterdam based fashion brand founded in 2012 by Abderrahmane Trabsini, Jefferson Osei, and Hussein Suleiman. The three founders have been friends since school and creating together since 2008, evolving what once was a streetwear blog into an internationally recognized clothing brand. The designers look to make their African heritage an intrinsic element in the creation of their designs and prioritize giving back to communities across Africa. Daily Paper looks to represent a generation of underrepresented creators while breaking away with limiting barriers in the fashion world.

LAAMS nyc (@laams.nyc)

LAAMS is a streetwear shop located on 74 Orchard street that is difficult to confuse with any other clothing store. When it was first elaborated, its founder, Scott Selvin, envisioned a space that could house a vintage boutique, bookstore, juice bar, screen printing lab, and a tattoo shop, among many other things. The essence of community and creation can be seen within the multidisciplinary space. At LAAMS, creatives are welcomed to browse merchandise and are simultaneously offered an accessible space to view and produce art. 

Barriers NY (@barriersny)

Barriers NY is a New York based brand that uses its platform to commemorate important activists and revolutionaries such as Angela Davis, Malcolm X, and Fred Hampton among others, as it also offers a platform for upcoming artists to show their creations and get involved in streetwear culture. On their website, it is mentioned that the mantra “Create Your Opportunity” transcends across the brand’s vision.

Reus Laboratories (@reus_labs)

Established in Brooklyn, NY in 2018, ⓇEUS is a BIPOC-owned mind lab and high-fashion streetwear brand focused on sustainability and hand craftsmanship. The creator presents one-of-a-kind Upcycled and Reworked Custom designs to create timeless and environmentally conscious style.

New Way of Life (@newwayoflife.world)

New Way of Life is a clothing brand that consists of streetwear often displaying the brand’s name in the Pan-African colors of red, yellow, and green. On their website you can find tote bags, t-shirts, and jeans reading “New Way of Life”, often embroidered, making their pieces intricate and one of a kind. A recurrent phrase seen among their pieces is “We are from and of the people.” Besides clothing, other items such as the book “Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes”,  and necklaces with the Ethiopian Coptic cross can be found on their site. 

Pat’s Pants (@pats.pants)

Pat’s Pants, founded by Pat Hoblin and Cassandra Mayela, looks to produce sustainably made clothing and make use of all scraps and extra fabrics. The brand is currently run by Pat, who maintains a goal to make clothes that are intentionally sustainable as it is useful to whoever wears it. Pat’s Pants has a vision to make that one pair of comfortable and functional pants that you wouldn’t want to take off.

Gangsters Buy Flowers (@gangsters.buy.flowers)

Founded by Maxime Hilaire, The “Gangsters Buy Flowers” brand is about highlighting the duality of man. The art of being tough but having a softer side. Hustling & grinding all day, but picking up a bouquet or a few roses for the house on your way home. Having that tough exterior but still having a love & admiration for life & the beautiful atmosphere that flowers. 

Maison Monsieur Mikey (@maisonmonsieurmikey)

Maison Monsieur Mikey New York is a contemporary lifestyle designer brand, founded, designed and produced by Mickal “Mr. Mikey” Stubblefield, that seeks to answer the question ‘what is contemporary from a classic NYC style perspective?’ It is an anti-fast fashion experimental brand that offers a selection of ready-to-wear outerwear & apparel, accessories, home goods and jewelry that aims to appeal to both aspirational and luxury clientele. Its current Spring-Summer  2021 collection, titled “No Man Is An Island,”  seeks to find unity after going through an especially difficult and isolating time.

True Yorkers (@trueyorkers)

The True Yorkers brand represents “a connection between those that walk the talk and those eager to right NYC history.” Their apparel is made to represent the city lifestyle and energy, and, as seen on many of their pieces, True Yorkers are “often imitated, never duplicated.”

Western Elders (@westernelders)

Western Elders is a “physical representation of heritage, legacy, and culture.” Its founder is heavily influenced by their West African heritage and its culture, sharing in their website a fond memory of their grandmother reminding to “respect your elders.” Western Elders is an expression of the duality that is growing up in New York with West African roots, it is “built by Africa, Made in New York.”

Vinnie’s Styles (@vinniesstyles)

Vinnie’s Styles first opened up on Flatbush Ave in 2002. The store is named after the Panamanian grandfather of the three brothers who founded the space-Jacob, Paul, and Desta Parris. One of their most iconic pieces are their “Brooklyn” t-shirts written in varying scripts, besides these, Vinnie’s Styles supply shoppers with a wide range of streetwear coming from collaborations or their in-house brand, Paulie’s. The three brothers from Vinnie’s have also expanded their operations, setting up a store in Atlanta.

It’s important that we create a vision of what it looks like when we support each other and our communities. The concept of Above Fresh Air is to introduce people to new up & coming brands and artists.

This summer, the branded runway show and exhibition presented by The Trops will focus on highlighting the freshest brands from NYC communities.

This fashion show at FSG Park in LES is uniquely designed by some of the most creative stylists of NYC, combining different garments from each brand to create a series of unique looks for the runway.

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